“Yoga is relationship” TKV Desikachar

At CPYC our focus is to provide Yoga Therapy as a complimentary form of healing from the effects of relational challenges or abuse and mental health issues. The Yoga lineage we follow is that of Sri. T. Krishnamacharya. Krishnamacharya was an Indian yoga teacher, ayurvedic healer and scholar. Often referred to as “the father of modern yoga,” Krishnamacharya is widely regarded as one of the most influential yoga teachers of the 20th century. Our teachings are based on the Yoga Sutra’s of Patanjali, Ashtanga Yoga and Yoga Therapy principles as they have been described to us by TKV Desikachar, Dr. N. Chandrasekaran, Felicia and Ante Pavlovic of Yoga Therapy Toronto, David Robson of AYCT and Sharath Jois of Sharath Yoga Centre. 

Tara McGee, Certified Yoga Teacher

Tara backbending photo

Tara has been studying yoga since the age of 14 when she first sought out the Iyengar style of yoga for stress reduction. She continued to practice because she was interested in the ways that yoga helped her come to rest, to strengthen and improve the functioning of her body, mind and spirit. She has practiced and studied many forms of yoga including Iyengar, Hatha 
and more extensively, Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. Being a psychotherapist and yoga practitioner, Tara felt there was a connection between these two modes of healing and has been working to understand this connection through her experience with her own yoga practice, her psychotherapy practice and through ongoing theoretical learning.

Tara has studied in India with Sharath Jois, has completed a 200 hour yoga teacher training with Downward Dog Yoga Studio, has completed Ashtanga Yoga Toronto’s 40 hour intensive and 3 week Assisting school, completed the Yin/Restorative training with Felicia Pavlovic of Yoga Therapy Toronto and is 6 months into a 2-year Yoga Therapist Training program with Yoga Therapy Toronto. She maintains a regular yoga practice and continues to discover new ways to be in relationship with students that will help them on their path towards healing, recovery and grace. 

Alissa Price Allen, Certified Yoga Teacher 


Alissa’s unexpected launch into wellbeing was first sparked by her own personal health crisis, although it would take her several years to make her way to the yoga mat. When faced with the immense challenge of acceptance and letting go, it became clear: she really had no idea how. Her introspective nature drew her to complete a two year program in spiritual formation and practice, Jungian psychology, and eastern and western mysticism in a monastic setting. Although this knowledge and experience gave her insight, it was finally settling onto the mat with yoga that actually helped her feel better. To understand this more fully and personally she entered into a year of quiet, exploring the less familiar aspects of yoga: contemplation and meditation, and the deeply healing restorative practice, the “Yoga of Being.” With this grew her love for what heals us and inspired a further pursuit into therapy-based Yoga Teacher training (300hr), and Restorative Yin Yoga training (20hr) at Yoga Therapy Toronto. Outside of the studio, Alissa works professionally as an interpreter in medical and mental health settings.

Alissa tends towards the quiet; her approach is gentle, restorative and healing. Classes are well suited for those looking to balance out the busy demands of life, tend to physical, emotional or psychological stress and recovery, and explore pertinent themes of connection and meaning. All abilities are welcome.

Studio Information:

There are public washrooms down the hall from the studio where you can change. Alternately, you can plan to wear your yoga clothes to the class if you prefer. There is a waiting room where you can store your coats, boots/shoes and other items you bring with you. Please bring valuables with you into the yoga room and turn OFF cell phones.