New Parents

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New parents face a whole host of challenges and stresses – not sleeping, a steep learning curve about how to care for an ever changing baby or toddler, less time for connection and relationship with their partner, extended family or friends,  more stress as they learn to parent with someone else or on their own,  less time for rest, exercise and “getting things done”, and a shifting identity as people and as a couple among other things. New mothers can struggle with additional  stresses such as a changing body, learning to breastfeed or not being able to do so and being isolated at home with a new baby while their partner goes back to work. They can also struggle with post partum depression or anxiety, guilt or shame and sometimes with other medical complications. It is a stressful time.

I provide new parents, as a couple or individually, with space to be cared for, nurtured, heard, encouraged and empowered before or after their baby arrives. Being a parent is an incredible journey, but like most journey’s with great rewards, comes great sacrifice and hard work.  Our therapy will help you to navigate your shifting sense of self, identity, relationship and purpose in life so that you can feel more relaxed, secure, calm, confident and present for your baby and your partner in the new makeup of your family.

Babies are welcome to attend sessions and babysitters are welcome to care for the baby in the waiting area if this is preferable to you.

If you are seeking support to get you, your partner and baby off to a good start as a family, please contact me for a free 20 minute consultation or book online to get started.