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Being in a committed relationship can provide safety and security, however, all too often relationships can veer away from the connection and companionship that we all yearn for.  We get into patterns with our partners where we find ourselves repeating the same argument over and over again. We don’t understand why we can’t get past this block to develop what we really want in our relationship which is someone who accepts us, enjoys us, supports us and provides a sense of safety in connection.

I believe that we are all wired to connect and using relational and attachment theories, we will work together to discover what is getting in the way of you being able to do this. We will find ways to understand and then actively transform these roadblocks to connection building a secure attachment between you.

Often there is one partner who doesn’t think that therapy will help. I make every effort to hear the perspectives of each partner and to find ways to deepen your attachment to each other. I am not a referee, but rather a skilled listener and relationship specialist, ready to notice the moments of connection that you may have lost the ability to attune to. I will help you start to make those small connections with each other that are the basis for building trust, interest, safety and intimacy. We will work to deepen your respect for each other, your friendship, your ability to communicate freely and more understanding of the ways to interpret your partner’s efforts to repair with you. We will help you find ways to work through conflict which is an inevitable part of any relationship and will be throughout your life together.

If you are ready to work to rebuild your relationship, contact me for a free 20 minute phone consultation or get started now by Booking online.