Collingwood Psychotherapy and Yoga Institute


The Collingwood Psychotherapy and Yoga Institute offers: Relational Psychotherapy Diploma; Yoga Therapy Diploma; Yoga Teacher Training Certificates; continuing education workshops for Mental Health Professionals and Yoga Practitioners and a low cost psychotherapy and yoga therapy clinic. Student therapists offer low-cost therapy to clients. The clinic uses a referral website for students, alumni and other therapists working at the clinic. The referral website offers content to clients as well as the opportunity to book and pay online.


To provide innovative training programs that develop highly competent, self aware and self responsible psychotherapists and yoga therapists. These therapists will make substantial contributions to improving the lives of their clients and to the field of mental health particularly in underserved rural, village and town communities. Relational, Neurobiological, Trauma Informed, Attachment, Developmental, Emotionally focused and Yogic theories will form the basis for the theories we teach and practice.

What is Relational Psychotherapy


Relational Psychotherapy Diploma

The Diploma in Relational Psychotherapy is a four year, part-time, comprehensive, experiential psychotherapy training program focusing on the development of the safe and effective use of self as it pertains to Relational theories of psychotherapy. At the end of the training, students will be qualified to work with adult individuals and can apply as Registered Psychotherapists to the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario. Students will set up a private practice to work with individuals in their 2nd year of the program, either at the clinic or at an office they choose, giving them time to learn how to balance the art of psychotherapy with the business of private practice and providing them with an income source when they leave the program. For the students in years 1-3, this program runs for 30 weeks on Monday evenings from 5:30pm-8:45pm between September and June. Students will be expected to attend two mandatory weekend intensives in each year of the training.  Students can continue to work in their regular employment while training to be a psychotherapist. Students will be required to attend 2 yoga classes a week and are encouraged to attend more to enhance their self care and development of the use of self. Their tuition will include payment for a reduced rate, full year, all access yoga pass. In addition they will be required to attend psychotherapy once a week  with a psychotherapist in the community of their own choosing and attend supervision with CPYI faculty when they start to see clients. 

In the fourth year, students will focus on completing their supervision hours, personal therapy hours and practical therapy hours. They will take a small business course once per month between September -June that will assist them in planning, marketing and executing their private practice. In addition, they will meet monthly from September to June for 3 hours with their group members and a faculty member to present clients.  In these meetings, fourth year students will provide each other with feedback on their cases and will work to deepen their understanding of the ways that theory is informing their clinical work. A process group will also be offered for 1 hour of the class time. 

There will be optional continuing education courses that can be taken for enrichment during their studies or once the student has completed the psychotherapy program. These include certificates to work with teenagers and parents, couples, families, and groups. They also include yoga and psychotherapy philosophical integration, a specialization in trauma therapy and Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy Levels 1 and 2. Other courses will be added as needed. 

CPYI students will provide low cost, long term, supervised psychotherapy to clients either in office space provided at the Centre or in an office closer to their home increasing access to affordable therapy services in the community and surrounding rural areas. See below for psychotherapy referral service.


Second year to fourth year students who have acquired appropriate liability insurance will see clients for low cost therapy at the CPYI clinic. CPYI will actively recruit clients through online referral website and outreach to the community. Once students graduate, they can elect to continue to see clients at the clinic or continue to build their private practice elsewhere. Second to fourth year students can additionally set up a private practice office off site, however, they will be required to attain additional general liability insurance at their own cost. They will still be required to see supervisors at CPYI.

Psychotherapists who are faculty with CPYI will additionally see CPYI students for clinical supervision at the clinic as part of the CPYI program and may elect to rent offices at the clinic as well. 

Conveniently located

There are no Psychotherapy or Yoga Therapy diploma programs offered within 2 hours of Collingwood, Ontario. This means that potential students living in Collingwood or the surrounding communities, including more northern communities, who would like to train as psychotherapists or yoga therapists would be required to travel 2 hours or more (depending on traffic, weather and their location) to Toronto on a weekly basis for several years if they want to train as psychotherapists. This travel time is expensive and at times dangerous during winter months. It is also disruptive to family and work life. CPYI will provide training that is comparable to or exceeds the quality of psychotherapy and yoga therapy training offered in Toronto, in an area that is closer to northern communities and will allow students to remain in their jobs and close to home. Because they will be learning in a community that is close to home, students will also learn how to work in the context of their communities rather than in the context of a big city. 



Year Fee Additional Fees  Total **
Year 1 $4000 Retreat – $350 x 2 = $700

Books and Photocopies $150

Required Weekend course – $200 each (up to 2 – not to take business course)

$4850 + tax

Add cost of weekend courses chosen for this year

Year 2  $4000 + 30 prepaid supervision sessions ($120×30 = $3600) 

Total: $7600

Retreat – $350 x 2 = $700

Books and Photocopies $150

Required Weekend course – $200 each (up to 2 – not to take business course)

$8450 + tax

Add cost of weekend courses (not retreat) chosen for this year

Year 3  $4000 + 30 prepaid supervision sessions ($120×30 = $3600) 

Total: $7600

  • Retreat – $350 x 2 = $700
  • Books and Photocopies $300
  • Required Weekend course – $200 each
$8450 + tax

Add cost of weekend courses (not retreat) chosen for this year

Year  4 $750 for monthly case and group process meeting

$750 for monthly small business course

40 supervision sessions 

($120 x 40 = $4800) invoiced as they are used

Required weekend course – $200 each

$6300 + tax

Add cost of weekend courses (not retreat) chosen for this year

Total paid to CPYI for full program

**(Does not include personal psychotherapy, liability insurance, membership with a professional psychotherapy association or qualifying membership for CRPO)

$27,050+ tax

4 weekend courses @ $200 = $800 + tax 

TOTAL: $28,850 + tax

Personal Liability Insurance and general liability insurance **This is an approximation and will depend on the liability insurance you choose

$ 150- $250/year

Personal Psychotherapy *This is an approximation and will depend on the Psychotherapist you choose – most therapists charge between $80-$150 per hour. Therapy costs vary. Please check with your therapist (Between $8000-$15000 over 4 years)
Membership with a Professional Psychotherapy Association *This is an approximation and will depend on the Professional Organization you choose. 

$150 – $250/year

Initial registration and application for Qualifying membership for CRPO *This is an approximation and will depend on the year you register 

$160-$260 application fee and 

$321+ HST for Qualifying membership

CRPO Test *This is an approximation and will depend on the year you take the test $525 + HST
CRPO Clinical Membership *This is an approximation and will depend on the year you register Registration (RP): $589.00 +HST
  • Fees for the total amounts for tuition and supervision are paid in instalments by post-dated cheques or PAC’s submitted on or before the first session in September. Instalments are paid on September 1, December 1, March 1 and June 1. Failing to pay on time will result in a reminder and a date will be set to complete payment. Failure to pay at this time could result in student suspension without reimbursement. 
  • Fee structure is reviewed annually, and may be subject to change.
  • All fees must be paid in full before CPYI will grant qualifying students their diploma.
  • There will be no refunds if student fails to achieve the requirements for passing a year. Students can elect to redo the year at full cost to themselves. They will be able to retain the supervision hours already accrued. 

Additional expenses

  • Supervision hours will be paid at each session after the first 60 hours of supervision is completed.
  • Students are required to be in weekly personal psychotherapy throughout the program. Costs vary according to therapist the student chooses.
  • Membership in a professional organization (i.e OSP, CAPT etc), professional liability insurance  and general liability insurance are required by the beginning of second year or when student starts to see clients.
  • Membership as a qualifying member of CRPO will be suggested once the minimum number of hours has been reached.