Adoptive or Foster Parents and Children

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Some children or youth who have been adopted or are in the foster care system may struggle to connect with their caregivers. These children have experienced loss of their biological parents or community and/or have experienced abuse or attachment failure in a home setting. They are struggling to connect at home and at school and their behaviour is generally challenging or perplexing. I work with these children or teenagers in conjunction with their adoptive or foster parents to develop the kind of relationship they need to thrive.

I work collaboratively with parents, caregivers and children/youth from a Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy framework. Within this framework, we will work to develop a secure connection between us in therapy so that parents can experience a support system when parenting a child/youth who is very hard to understand and relate to. My aim is to help parents learn specific strategies and theories that will allow them to parent in a way that will allow their child to succeed in relationships and in life. Parents will be supported to explore their own struggles and successes in parenting and in their own lives as they move towards building the bonds of attachment with their child.

Children and adolescents will join us for part of the sessions to deepen the connection between the parents and child and to help them as they learn to form a secure attachment to you. This type of connection allows children to feel secure enough to explore their world and safe enough to return to you when they need to refuel. These children need help to learn to relax and trust so they can just be a kid and parents are the central tool for this learning.

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